I studied Painting & Printmaking BA (Hons) at St.Martins School of Art, London.


My paintings describe the rolling hills of the South Downs just outside Brighton, on walks I take every day. The paintings reflect a relationship with this gentle, spare landscape which is both joyous and personal. 


Although the paintings are unpeopled, the land always shows signs of human involvement. I paint the bone white chalk paths polished smooth by walkers, the tracks gauged out by farm vehicles and the changing colours of the hills. Paintings of the pathways which cross the land and form the field margins invite the viewer to travel into the landscape as if they were on a walk themselves. The colours I use are not representational, but have evolved through developing a way of describing these themes as an emotional response.


There are always key elements of the landscape that have been abstracted, using heightened colour and composition. The summer months bring sharper contrasts in tone and skies full of mounds of cloud, piled high on top of the hills. Tracks made by farm vehicles in the winter can still be seen as dark lines in the crops; a flowering of flax can suddenly turn the hill the most beautiful sky blue. The moon hangs over the dark hill at night time and sea mists encroach the valley and cover the scene with a pale grey veil.


I use acrylics because I can play with very bright colours, often using the same colours across the whole surface of the painting to create movement across a flattened picture space but balancing that with the illusion of foreground and distance. I like to see the canvas behind the paint and retain luminosity in the colour.  My palette is bright but makes use of greys as a foil to the stronger hues. I use the landscape format as a starting point to  express other ideas such as spiritual perception and gratitude for blessings. Sometimes I incorporate native wild flowers into the scene, rendered in a more decorative style over an undulating landscape.


My paintings are available as Limited Edition signed, numbered giclee prints. 


instagram: @lorainehayesart



• Artists Open Houses 2016, at The Coach House 

• Artists Open Houses 2017, at Art Forty7 

• The Grange, Rottingdean, July 2017

• The Grange, Rottingdean March 2018

• Artists Open Houses 2018, at Art83

• Laughing Dog Gallery, Brighton Marina, August 2018


• Christmas Group show at The Grange Gallery, Rottingdean, East Sussex

• KIngs Hill, Surrey



  • Group show at the Grey Walls Gallery, Brighton Marina



Paintings are available as Limited Edition Giclee prints in two sizes. Each Edition is 20, and signed by the artist.

Contact: Lorainehayesart@gmail.com